Saturday, January 19, 2013

Biketas 2013: Night + Loleng's Ride

Travel Period: January 18 - 19, 2013
Destination: Around Davao City and Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort

Friday Night Ride
I usually join Friday night ride in case that there will be a scheduled Biketas ride on the following day. After my duty, I went home to prepare and proceeded to ride bound to downtown for a night ride with CFL and DDS members. From Bikerboy Obrero, we traversed Quimpo Boulevard, Matina Aplaya, Ulas and to Libby Road for a quick break at a spa clinic of Maam Neng Gomez, thanks for the food and accommodation. Then we proceeded to Libby Road head left to Toril but had a left detour shortcut to the main road. From this point we decided to went back to our Jason's office to end the night ride after 3 hours on the road.

Photo courtesy to John Buno
Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort
Located at Eden Bayabas, Toril of Davao City, the resort is just minutes-ride from the city proper, well, that's if you're on a motorized vehicle but when you're on a bike specifically mountain bike, it will take hours to reach the place. :p. This 95% man-made resort overlooks Davao metropolis at around 3000 feet above sea level which means a very uphill ride when going to the place. By 5am of Saturday, we proceed to Chowking Bajada for our early breakfast and then off to our ride together with James, Jason and Ramil.

Bajada To Toril
The night before the ride, I was already feeling ill due to cough and fever but decided to proceed the ride hoping that it will get better. When we ride out after our breakfast, it started to drizzle yet proceeded with the ride and dropped by at a drugstore to buy a medicine. Proceed with the ride at an increasing pace when a minor accident happened at Sandawa crossing Matina, James lost control with the bike when it hits the crack of the road, fortunately, he only got a minor bruise and slight pain on his right arm. After a body check and a quick rest, we continued with the ride but on a slower pace this time. By around 7am, we reached Toril proper and had a quick stop at a convenience store to buy some drinks and finally off for the ascent.

3 idiots, eh?
Lemuel's signature pose
Toril To Loleng's
After a kilometer distance from Crossing Bayabas, a slight build of ascent have started then followed with a long downhill part up to the bridge and a short steep ascent on a two-lane road. Good thing that it was a cemented road all the way up to the Eden which is better compared to what we did on our previous ride on Samal Island bound to Canibad via Tayapoc, a rough road with loose gravel. We maintained our pace and slowly climbing the ascent part. Ramil, who lead the ride continues to pedal all the way up, while I sew (tahi mode) to recover some energy. Meanwhile, James and Jason who are few meters behind managed to have some shots during their breaks. At around 9am, we finally reached Loleng's junction and finally had a break for a rest. While waiting to regroup, we ordered Marang and a softdrink.

Loleng's For The First Time
From the junction, it was a short ride to the resort proper, we paid 100pesos (50 for the entrance fee and another 50 for swimming pool, our main purpose. lol). When we reached the pool area, it was only us that time and it felt like we have an exclusive reservation, but only during that time because hours later, other resort's guests occupied the area. We unloaded our packs and proceeded to the pool for swimming time with photo ops. By 11am, we decided to order ahead for our lunch and while waiting for the food to be served, we had our photos with the doves around the area. Finally, food was served, a grilled chicken for four of us, sarap and sulit! After lunch, we spent our past time playing basketball on the court and dodge ball on the pool. By 3pm, we decided to packed up and leave the place, proceeded with the ride even if its raining.

The photographer in action. :D
Past 5pm when we reached downtown proper and I decided to went directly to home. With a total of 120km ride for both night ride and Loleng's ride, this is my first century for this year 2013. Credits to all the photos above to James Malibiran. "Until mountain biking came along, the bike scene was ruled by a small elite cadre of people who seemed allergic to enthusiasm." - Jacquie Phelan

Thank you and God bless us all!

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