Monday, June 13, 2011

My Second Solo Backpacking Trip

Travel Period: February 12 - 15, 2011
Destination: White Beach, Puerto Galera

Conquer Southern Tagalog
I'm just glad that there are airlines who offer promo fares around the country including some international destinations. This time, we have availed another budget fare bound to Manila from Davao. We have been to northern part of Luzon in Bagiuo and Pangasinan, so, we decided to conquer the Southern Tagalog region. A friend of mine said that Puerto Galera is one of the visited tourist spot in the region for having those white sand beaches, which made up our mind to visit this place and made an itinerary out of it.

Based on the schedule trip, three of us will be on trip, the other two will be on a separate flight an hours before my schedule flight. I arrived an NAIA 3 on February 13 Saturday around eight in the evening and proceeded to SM MOA to witness the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition being held every Saturday, unfortunately, I didn't made it on time in the venue when the fireworks started but I had a glimpse of it from the jeepney I rode though not a vantage point. I spent the rest of the evening at the concert ground since there was a band performing after the fireworks display.

At SM Mall of Asia
Unexpected Circumstances
Past Saturday midnight, I decided to go to the bus terminal to spent the rest of time before traveling to Batangas. One of our companion already backed out the day before the trip and I contacted my companion to know his whereabouts but I was surprised that he didn't made it to Manila. He stated that we was left out with the flight, he arrived on the check-in counter just few minutes before the boarding time, he pleaded but the counter told him that it was already closed. Too bad for him that he missed the flight and for me I felt excited  the moment I realized that I will be on a solo backpacking trip for the second time. I immediately boarded the bus bound to Batangas pier and begun the road trip.

At Kalaw's Place

White Beach, Puerto Galera

Arriving to Batangas Pier and Puerto Galera
When I arrived to the Batangas Pier, I asked a local if where do I purchase a ticket bound to White Beach, Puerto Galera and he directed me to a ticketing booth. I've got the necessary tickets and off to White Beach. One thing you'll experience when traveling to Puerto Galera is the big waves you encounter slamming to both sides of the motorized boat and even covered with plastic cover as a window you'll still get wet because of the splash. We docked to Kalaw's Place where you can see few yacht anchored and then we transferred to a bigger boat bound to White Beach.

At the shoreline

Wandering me!
White Beach
When I arrived at the White Beach, I immediately look for room and luckily found a nice one, the staff was warm and accommodating. Unloaded my packs and off to stroll the shoreline. I  walked from one end to another, took some photos, playing the sands and pebbles. I took a rest under a shade of tree, observing the waves coming back and forth, the motorized boats passed by and felt the tranquility around the place.

At White Beach
Beach volleyball court
Aninuan Falls
I took my lunch and some tourist guide offered me a tour like beach hopping, visiting different falls, or para sailing. And it was too costly for me alone, but I was interested on the falls part. When I got backed at my place I asked the staff if she knows any cheap tour among the falls, she told me that four of her foreign guests are planning to hike to one of the falls by afternoon so I asked her if it's okay to tag along, and she said sure, lucky for me, I had found an activity with no cost. My journey with them was enjoyable, at first they converse in English to us but when they speak to their group, they have their own language aside from English, so I thought definitely they're European and later I found out that they are Czech foreign nationals. When we arrived at the Aninuan Falls, there are some locals swimming in the falls and took some time there. Late in the afternoon we decided to go back to the resort and I spent the rest of the night just in the room because indeed the hike was a tiring one.

With Czech nationals

Czech couple watching a rainbow
Valentine's Day
I woke up early on the second day in White Beach February 14, I went to the shore for swimming time and had fun time stacking those rocks in the shoreline. I took my brunch and when the server handed my order, she greeted me happy valentine's day, then I realized it was a heart's day and responded with same to you. :D I bought some souvenirs shirts for me and for my father as a gift since he will be celebrating his birthday the day after, I checked-out in the resort and boarded the boat, bye Puerto Galera. Ride a bus in Batangas Pier bound to Manila. Arriving at the EDSA, I rode a jeepney bound to SM MOA to witness the beautiful sunset at the Manila Bay, well, there was a huge crowd in the bay area since it was Valentine's Day, I think all walks of life are in there.

Home Sweet Home
Around nine in the evening, I took a jeepney bound to NAIA 3 where I will be spending the rest of the night, I admit I am an airport sleeper because I will be having a first flight by the next day. :D. At the airport, I even met some OFWs from Hongkong, we chatted and boarded the flight a few hours after. Another journey I've conquered and a memory to treasure. :D

Thank you and God bless us all!


  1. I'm wondering how much did this trip cost you. Would you mind giving out the budget for this solo trip? Thanks in advance!!

  2. how much did it cost you for the entire trip?


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