Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Third Solo Backpacking Trip

Travel Period: July 13 - 16, 2011
Destination: Iloilo, Bacolod and Guimaras

The BIG(Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras) Trip
Initially, we were three of us who booked a flight to Iloilo and have a trip to Boracay but both of them could not make it on the trip which make it a solo trip for me. Since, I already had a Boracay trip last year, I opted to explore more around Iloilo and its neighboring places, I finalized my itinerary with the corresponding costs/expenses needed on every details on the trip. On its first day, I will explore Iloilo City, the next day will be on Bacolod City and on the third day will be on Guimaras Island. Let's see if I could stick on the planned itinerary.

Day 1
All the things are packed in the bag and off to go in the airport. This is my first time trip where I brought a small tripod with me, upon checking-in at the counter, the officer asked me if it is a tripod I brought along and I said yes, she advised me that it should be check-in and I should pay for 400 pesos for it, I said that I already saw an instance when someone hand carried a tripod like mine and said to myself that I would never pay for the check-in baggage, I'd rather throw away the tripod than checking it in and could save few pesos for it, luckily, my tripod passed on the second x-ray machine without an advice from the security personnel. When I went to the boarding gate I saw a familiar people sitting on the bench, one of them had a crutches beside, a lady approach them and I heard she asked for a photo-op with them. Guess who they were? They are the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 auditionees namely Jefferson and Kurt Bringas who got three yes from the judges. Unfortunately, it was already boarding time and had no time to grab my camera from bag and took a photo of them. Well, good luck to both of them! I boarded the plane and arrived in new Iloilo airport.

New Iloilo Airport
Iloilo City
Arriving at the Iloilo airport, I took a shuttle bound to SM City which just cost 50 pesos, but one of the passenger told the driver that she will be dropping on SM Jaro. So I immediately checked my map application on my android phone (a big help for me) to checked where it is located and decided to drop off in SM Jaro. I took my breakfast and proceeded to church nearby, the Jaro Cathedral and a belfry in front of it. It's a new perspective for me seeing those ancient landmarks in the city. Then I took a jeepney bound to city proper, drop off to Plaza Libertad and proceeded to Muelle Loney port in order to purchase a Libre Balik promo of Ocean Jet bound to Bacolod City on the next day just for 350 pesos. I went to Robinsons Place and to SM City where I bought my souvenir shirt. And by noon, I proceeded to Ong Bun Pension House to check-in for just 330 pesos, cheaper compare to the accommodations I had on my previous trips. Prepared myself and headed for my next destination.

Jaro Cathedral
Interior of Jaro Cathedral
Plaza Libertad
Inside Robinsons Place
Miag-ao Church
I took my lunch first and then proceeded to jeepney terminal bound to Miag-ao which cost 40 pesos. It was a long trip of about 38 kilometers from the city proper but it was not boring at all since you can see the different structures along the way particularly the ancient churches and you can feel the breeze of the ocean side on the countryside road. Upon reaching the Miag-ao Church, all was worth it, indeed it was the most beautiful facade of church I've ever seen, no wonder it was included in UNESCO Heritage site.

Facade of Miag-ao Church
La Paz Batchoy Food Trip
After spending some time in the church, I went back to the city proper and decided to try their famous La Paz batchoy at Robinsons Place and then proceeded to SM City Iloilo.

La Paz Batchoy, yum, yum, yummm!

Day 2
I woke up early for my next destination, Bacolod City. I went to the port, boarded the fast craft and arrived in Bacolod pier around 9 in the morning. I forgot to mentioned about the funny/amusing moments I had with the locals conversing in Ilonggo. The longer the sentence, the more I able to understand the thought but with short phrases spoken in Ilonggo, I had a hard time deciphering it and I just smiled or nodded or replied in Bisaya or Tagalog dialect. When I heard a local saying "Din ka subong?" it sounds like there something cockfighting is going on (sabong). I texted my friend and asked what "subong" means and she replied "karon" in Bisaya or "ngayon" in Tagalog, now I know. :D

San Jose Cathedral near Plaza Libertad
Interior of San Jose Cathedral
Iloilo river
At the Muelle Loney Port
Mambukal Resort
I took a trike near to the plaza, took some photos of the cathedral in front of it and then proceeded to jeepney terminal bound to Mambukal in Murchia town. It was also a long trip of around 30 kilometers from the city and just cost 35 pesos. Arrived at the resort, the entrance was just 20 pesos. I toured the resort and took pictures around it. Their pools are enticing but I didn't bring any extra clothes because I have no plans to take a dip in their pools. After spending some time, I went back to city proper, took my lunch and proceeded to the next stop.

San Sebastian Cathedral
Interior of San Sebastian Cathedral
Bacolod Public Plaza

Pool at Mambukal Resort

The Ruins
I took a jeepney bound to Bata and when I arrived at the place, I somehow got lost because the jeepney didn't enter on the memorial park which was the landmark I expected to see. So the driver advised me to take a trike on the crossing just few meters away. I took the trike cost 20 pesos and proceeded to The Ruins which has an entrance fee of 50 pesos. Seeing the structure was amazing even in the middle of the day under the scorching heat of the sun. I took different angles of the structure and really astonished of the place. After some time, I decided to went to SM City Bacolod and then proceeded to pier and back to Iloilo City.

Me at The Ruins

HP7 Part 2
Back to Iloilo City, took some rest for few minutes and then proceeded to SM City Iloilo for the long awaited movie of the series Harry Potter now in part 2, the finale. This was really part of my itinerary, since I don't want to be left behind and spoilers are everywhere. When I arrived at the ticketing booth, it was only minutes before the next schedule will start, so I purchased a ticket immediately and reserved a seat. I even violated a law, the Republic Act 10088 which also known as Anti-Camcording Act of 2010 because I had my digital camera with me which they didn't inspect and to mention its capable of full HD. Don't worry, I am a good citizen and camera memory will just be fulled if I took a clip out of the 3D movie. After watching the movie, I felt somehow disappointed because there are many changes from the storyline but this was balanced with its good effects.

Full Moon
Day 3
I just took my time since there was is no schedule trip in Guimaras Island. I went to Ortiz Port and paid 14 pesos for the boat ride to Jordan Port which can be reach in less than 30 minutes. When I arrived at the Jordan wharf, I registered at the Tourism office and ask the personnel on how to commute to Alubihod, she advised me to take the Nueva Valencia route. I took the jeepney, paid 35 pesos bound to Sitio Alubihod. I dropped off at the gasoline station and took a motorcycle to Raymen Beach Resort.

Jordan Port
Jeep bound to Nueva Valencia

Raymen Beach Resort
The entrance was just 20 pesos for adult, I went to shoreline and was amazed  of its picturesque. I took many photos and short clips. When the lunch time came, I proceeded to the canteen and ordered a meal including their very famous sweet mango which Guimaras Island is famous of it. I was full on that meal and decided to take some time for a rest in the shoreline under the shade of a tree and even took a nap. Around 2 in the afternoon I took a dip and spend some time floating, relaxing and selecting some pebbles under a clear, blue sea water.

Trappist Monastery
After spending some time at the beach I decided to went to my next destination in Guimaras, the Trappist Monastery and Bala-an Bukid. Glad I hired a motorcycle for the tour because it's more convenient going to Bala-an Bukid through a motorcycle. When I arrived at the monastery I met some local tourists visiting the place, their driver even mentioned to me a word "bloggers" to me and I just smiled. I'm not really a blogger but I'm a traveler. Took some photos and proceeded to the next stop.

Bala-an Bukid
This is common to Filipinos where a cross is constructed at the top of the hill but before you can reach it there were a series station of the cross along the way. Reaching the top was fulfilling and a great overlooking view of Jordan Port and Iloilo City. I even took a some clip from there.

Finally, I went backed to Jordan Port to end my Guimaras Island day trip and went back to Iloilo City. Proceeded to SM City and bought some pasalubongs since I will be returning on the next day.


Home Sweet Home
I woke early and traveled to Iloilo airport. Took some photos at the airport, during the flight and after the flight. Back to my hometown with another adventure experiences and memories I had in the places I've visited. :D

Small Liguid Island at Samal where Buenavista Resort is located
Thank you and God bless us all!


  1. Hello There,

    Can i get your email?

    We're going to iloilo a couple of weeks from now,
    and we want to ask for your iti, if it's okay :)

    thank you

  2. Hi Miya!

    Sure, you can pm me at rey1011@gmail.com

  3. nice boypalaboy. it looks like you enjoy solo backpacking so much... ingat

  4. thanks for dropping by... yup, the places I've visited on this trip are really nice... I'd checked your site, you're a traveler also... have a safe and fun travel then... :D

  5. Hi!

    Do you think it's possible to do Iloilo-Bacolod-Guimaras for 3 days? Which should I go first, any inputs? My ETD on 3rd day is 5:45PM from Iloilo Airport. Can I also have a copy of you Iti? Thanks!

  6. Hello Mitchie! thanks for dropping by. For me, Iloilo-Bacolod-Guimaras is doable in 3days. I suggest you take Bacolod first (an overnight stay probably), then a daytrip to Guimaras beach on the second day and finally a stroll or quick tour in Iloilo on your last day. If you're interested with churches, have a visit at Miag-ao Church. :D

  7. Hi boypalaboy!

    Thanks for the itinerary. I still have questions, I hope you don't mind. From SM City, how do I go to Muelle Loney Port? Anong jeep sasakyan ko? How about if going to Miag-ao from Ongbun? Thanks Again..

  8. As far as I can remember, I alighted at Plaza Libertad from SM (you can ask locals what jeepneys that pass by on the plaza) then walk towards the street between city hall and San Jose Church. To reach Miag-ao, you must travel first to public market and from there, you can ride a jeepney bound to Miag-ao. Medyo maliit lang yung downtown proper kaya nag walk tour lang ako to some spots. If would help if you have a map, in my case I have an map application on my phone. Don't hesitate to ask locals, it's nice to hear Tagalog in Ilonggo accent. :D

  9. Hi! Just wanna ask if kaya ba ng half day yung Guimaras? one day lang kami sa iloilo eh and we're hoping na masingit ang guimaras kahit half day lang then uwi after lunch to tour iloilo? thank you!

  10. I highly recommend Kuya Michael he is our Tourist guide/ Tricycle driver/ Photographer, when we visit Guimaras last June 17, 2015. He is very nice and honest. Feel free to call him next time you visit Guimaras. He will fetch you on time at Jordan Wharf and greeted you with his warm smile. Here is the Contact no. of Kuya Michael Selorico -- 0908 324 6835.


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