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SOSS Supports' Trip

Travel Period: June 30 - July 03, 2011
Destination: Cebu and Bohol

The Title
Originally, we were four of us that are going on this trip with former workmates on my first company Southern OnSite Services (SOSS) which we jokingly acronym it to Sige Og Suroy Suroy (Always On Travel). Unfortunately, one of our companion didn't make it to the trip because she's one of the affected victims of the recent floods occurred in Matina area here in Davao City. That excludes Rose (Data Encoder)  from the trip which makes the title "SOSS Supports' Trip" because the casts were Cleo (Corrective Maintenance Support), Mhinggai (Emergency Call Support) and me (Information Technology Support).

 From Left: 
Mhinggai (Emergency Call Support), 
Me (Information Technology Support),
Cleo (Corrective Maintenance Support)

Prize At Last
I've been traveling with this budget airline for few times (thanks to their promo fares) but this flight is my first time to win a prize on their question and answer contest. The category was currency used in a particular country and I am confident to participate in the game because we memorized this information during my high school history class. First question Hongkong? I know its Hongkong dollar but the person behind me raise faster than me so he got the prize. I thought I should get the second question and when the flight attendant mentioned Malaysia, I quickly raised my hand and answered ringgit which she confirmed it was right. Got my first prize. Weeh!

Supports on-board!

My first prize, foldable box!

Cebu, For The Fourth Time
Arrived in Mactan International Airport, we proceeded to SM Cebu and took my lunch there. During that afternoon, it was raining hard and we canceled our quick tour around the city because of the weather. With nothing to do outside, my friend suggested that we should watch Transformers 3 since it's already showing but it was not just an ordinary movie viewing, I encouraged her to watch it in IMAX since there's no IMAX yet in Davao and it will be my first time on 3D. Finally, we decided to go for it, watching Transformers 3 on IMAX was a great experience and it was all worth it. :D



Stayed In Sugbutel
After watching Transformers 3, we proceeded to SM Traveler's Lounge to purchased a round trip ticket to Bohol for a countryside tour. Unfortunately, it was past five in the afternoon when we arrived at the lounge and the cut-off time for issuing a ticket is 5PM. We then proceeded to Ocean Jet ticketing office located at Cebu Pier 1 but we also didn't make it to their 5:30PM cut-off time. This lead us to change our planned itinerary and decided to have the tour on Saturday, we then separated our ways since my companions have their own accommodation and I decided to stay on budget hotel named Sugbutel which I will make a review about this hotel in the future.

A building near SM City Cebu and Sugbutel
Desperate to watch this video when I heard the news!
Ayala Center Cebu
Second day in Cebu, July 1, we decided to met in Ayala Center Cebu around 1PM. I walked from Sugbutel to SM Cebu since it was just few meters away. Took my lunch and rode a jeepney with SM - Ayala route. Arriving at the Ayala Center Cebu, I immediately went to The Terrace, spent some time while waiting for the others and took some photos around the area.

Kartzone Experience
From Ayala, we proceeded to Mabolo Kartzone for our Go-Kart experience. After an exhilarating 9-lap experience (it should be 8-lap but the counter missed the first lap, hehe) we went back to SM Traveler's Lounge to purchased a ticket but the first two trips of Ocean Jet on the next day was already sold out and we settled to purchase a SuperCat tickets on Cebu Pier 3. I went back to Sugbutel to check-in again and spent the night reading  updates about the latest news here in Davao City which was Mayor Sara Duterte punched a sheriff and I'm proud of what she did.

Bohol Countryside Tour
Third day of the trip, July 2. I woke up early, prepared my things, checked-out and proceeded to Pier 3 for SuperCat departure bound to Bohol. Cleo almost missed the ferry because she arrived late, we made some delaying tactics and asked assistance from the crew that we still have a companion on the check-in counter  and finally able to catch up with the trip, lucky for us and a lesson learned for her. Arrived in Tagbilaran Port, we took some pictures and proceeded to met our tour guide/driver.

At Tagbilaran Port, so clean!

Welcome!!! SOSS Support!
Tourist Spots
Here are the sequence we had during the countryside in Bohol:  Blood Compact Shrine, Baclayon Church, Prony: The Giant Python, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River, Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park, Loboc Forest Camp, Chocolate Hills, Simply Butterflies Conservation Center, Bilar Man-Made Forest and Sevilla Hanging Bridge. Among the tourist spots above, the zipline in Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park was I'm eager to do, another great adventure experience for me.

Blood compact shrine, cheers!

Baclayon chruch, can you see the face?


Tarsier in captivity!

Loboc church near the river!
Zipline experience in Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park

Loboc Forest Camp

Jump shot in Chocolate Hills

At the butterfly garden!

At Mahogany forest!

Hanging bridge in Sevilla
Home Sweet Home
After the tour, we went to Tagbilaran Port and went back to Cebu. Arrived late in the evening, I went directly to the airport and spent the rest of the time there. While on return flight, I bought my first A320 die cast model of Cebu Pacific Air. Another memories and experiences I had in this trip. Back to my hometown, Davao City. :D

My first A320 die cast model from Cebu Pacific Air!
Thank you and God bless us all!

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