Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Promo Booking Tips

It was December 2009 when I first heard about the promo fares offered in a budget airline. We saw the promo fares on their booking site only which means only those people who frequently check the site have the chance to avail the promos fares. And that time, I think Facebook and Twitter are not popular yet among Filipinos so there is no fan page or account yet of this airline but now updates are already seen in these social networking sites about their promo fares that means more people are informed about it.

Promo Fares
Recently, this airline launched another PISO fare and people are rushing to book a promo flight of their desired destination. But the day after the promo when I checked the fan page comments, I was disappointed that some of the people are bitter about how they're not able to see the promo, that it was just a scam or the site is not responding and they were not able to book. So, I decided to make this blog about promo booking tips so people can have a greater chance of grabbing those promo fares. :D

Tips and Techniques
There are many factors that contribute to a successful promo bookings. This may range from the hardware you have like computer or laptop and internet connection, the software you use like browser applications, the person who will book the flight and finally the information needed into the booking part.

Let's start on the hardware part. This is the backbone you must have in order to have a successful promo bookings and in case you've an intermittent connection you better surrender trying to access the website because not only you but millions of Filipinos are accessing the page during promo fares and even foreigners, during my Bohol trip I encountered a two Chinese couple who said that their travel flights are also promo fares, just like with ours, wooah! So I thought not only Filipinos are up to promo fares but also foreign people. :D. Here's the hardware tips!
1. You should have stable and fast internet connection. Like you don't have to pause a streaming video in Youtube.
2. You should have mid-range or high-end specs of PC or laptop. If you still have a Pentium I PC or it takes more than a minute to open a website, then never mind to avail the promo fares. :D

Now, this is the second factor to have a successful booking. It doesn't mean that if you have the required hardware means a guarantee for a booking, no it's not. Software also plays an important part and here are the tips!
1. Close unnecessary applications. As much as possible only browser applications should be running in a computer, I recommend Firefox or Google Chrome for the browser. Close any open applications like Word, Excel, or any applications you have open which will free up the memory in your computer.
2. Close unnecessary websites. As much as possible only the booking site should be open, close unnecessary websites that are not needed because it will take some memory too. Like the Youtube particularly, even Facebook apps and games or anything that you think that makes the browsing slower.

The third part for the tips is the peopleware. Required hardware and software will be useless if the person who will use it is not wise enough. Here's the tips!
1. The person should be familiar with the process. If not, you should try the booking process but cancel it to the payment part, in this way, you'll be able to familiarize the sequence without actually booking a flight. :D
2. The person should have a good typing and clicking skills. If the one who book uses one index finger when typing then don't expect you'll be able to avail a promo because that would take 48 years when you input the information. :D

The last and important part for a successful booking. This may range from the guests, destinations, travel dates and payment information. So, here's the tips!
1. Decide with the people you book with before the promo is posted. This is the common reason of the delay booking, most of us decide right on the time when the promo is up like where do you want to go, are we available on that date, it is good on that destination, how much I am going to pay. This really consume a lot of time, as much as possible, you should plan ahead even before there is a promo. Like we decide where is our next destination and the desired days to travel like on the weekends only.
2. Gather the guest information ahead of time. This is only applicable on group bookings, you have listed their full names and birth dates which are needed on the guests list. As for me, I have a list of companions with their full name and birth date so that when the promo comes, everything is ready.
3. Payment details like credit card. I suggest you should have a credit card or borrow from someone because credit cards makes the booking confirmation faster. If you don't have credit card or to borrow with, then try the other payment options but this won't guarantee a successful confirmation.

Try And Try
So when everything is ready, here comes the try and try until you succeed.
1. Destinations. You should familiarize the direct flights from your area. Like I'm from Davao, this budget airline have only 5 direct destinations in Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Iloilo and Manila. So, this makes the booking faster if you know the direct flights because connecting flights in promo fares are difficult.
2. Dates. As much as possible, I don't want to travel on weekdays because it takes a vacation leave credits, so I prefer to travel on weekends. When there is a sold out on the desired date, I quickly resume my search bookings and jump to another dates. Until I found a promo fare, weeh! :D
3. Guests. Sometimes, you have to book some of the guest in another flight because there are promo fares with just limited seats. For example, 5 of us are planning to travel in Iloilo, but it is sold-out, so you reduce the number of guests to 4 down to 2 or even a solo flight just to avail the promo fare. :D

You just read a brief introduction to Computer Technology 101, just kidding. There you goes my own tips based on my experiences. Hope you can have a better chance on promo bookings and in case you can't avail, please don't be bitter or sour grape because this promo fares are real yet better luck next time. I'm just glad there are airlines that offer this promo fares and I have the chance to visit some place around our country and I'm not affiliated to any airlines. :D

Thank you and God bless us all!


  1. Great! Thanks for the tips. I really love promo fares offered by airlines. I really love to travel.

    Soledad from Cagayan de Oro (www.cdokay.com)

  2. wow i like it bro thnaks sa infos. i like your page too. labi na ang naa sa main page header patapat viaduct


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