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CS Went To Cebu - Bohol

Travel Period: October 7 - 11, 2010
Destination: Cebu and Bohol

Booking Details
At Davao International Airport terminal bridge
When the promo was up on Cebu Pacific and the travel period was around on the month of October of last year, there was one plan we had in our mind and that is a trip to Cebu and Bohol in birthday celebration of Maricel and me on October 7 and 11 respectively.
Thanks to Jason who booked the trip and we even decided to booked a regular fare just for the trip to be materialize and yes it was. Unfortunately, not all of the booked guests were able to made it on the trip and the survivors were me, Jason, Maricar and Sherwin. For Vice and Maricel who had eliminated, hehe, don't worry guys we could do it again. :D

Cebu, The Second Time Around
The first time I've stepped in Cebu was on February last year on our Palawan trip. Arrived in Cebu in the evening, we proceeded to SM Cebu and that time there was car show. After that, went to budget hotel and get some rest because we need to be early by the next day bound to Bohol through a fast craft.

Car show at SM Cebu

Bohol, The Second Time Around
The first time I've been to Bohol was way back December 1994 when I was still a Grade 2 pupil, woooah, almost 16 years after but I still remember it when we visited the place. Back to the course, we checked-out early in the hotel and proceeded to Pier 3 in Cebu port where fast craft bound to Bohol are docked. We took the earliest schedule and off to Bohol. Arrived at the Tagbiliran port, we looked for our contact on our countryside tour and I'm amused to found out my name on a placard, well, this gives me an idea what to be put by next time. :D But before we went on the tour, we dropped by for a breakfast in a very unique food establishment the driver had recommended to us and that is McDonald. Lol

"Welcome Rey Idpalina" on the placard

Countryside Tour
In this tour, we let the driver to decide the sequence of the tour since he knows better about the tourist spots. We started at the blood compact site, then to Baclayon church, Chocolate Hills that we've longed, man-made forest, take our lunch at Loboc river cruise, hanging bridge at Sevilla, dropped by to the famous snake named Prony and took a photos with a tarsier. And finally, by late afternoon, we're back on the city proper looking for an accommodation and checked-in, spending the rest of the day visiting a mall, lobbying the streets and taking a rest.

At the Blood Compact site

At Chocolate Hills

At hanging bridge in Sevilla, Bohol

A photo with Prony

During our Loboc River cruise

At Kan-an, Dumaluan Beach Resort

Panglao Island
The initial plan after we have the countryside tour was a trip to Danao for a day but with the long distance to travel on that place we decided to take on Panglao Island instead. Day 2 at Tagbilaran, we woke up early, had our breakfast and had a little tour around the city. We visited the national museum and a cathedral just in front of it. I decided also to visit my Aunt (mother's sister) in of the branch store she works for. After that, we checked-out and travel to ICC terminal where jeepneys have stationed bound in different places in Bohol. We boarded the jeepney and took around an hour when we arrived at the Dumaluan beach proper. We look for a budget room and we're lucky to have a good room for us in an affordable price. We spent our time taking photos, and a dinner at an expensive restaurant named Kan-anan which is expected for a tourist destination spot but we're glad they have Wi-Fi connection.

At National Museum

St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral

Dolphin At Personal
Day 2 at Panglao Island, we really woke up early since our contact suggested that only around 6AM - 7AM that dolphins are visible, we prepared our spears and ready for the hunting, just kidding. When we depart at the shoreline the ocean was peaceful but when we reached the specific spot where dolphins usually seen, we were suprised that it was not only us but there are many, like more than 20 outrigger boats that have the same goal: to watch the dolphins up close. That time, it feels like a scene in a Pirates of Caribbean or Muro Ami where everyone is rushing to spot something. To sum it up, it was a thrilling experience and we're satisfied the moment we spotted the dolphins at close range just like having a reward after all the hardships. :D

A photo during dolphin chasing

Swimming time

Back To Cebu
We checked-out in the morning and travel to Tagbilaran port to catch a ferry going to Cebu. Arrived at the Pier 3 we took our lunch and proceeded to a nice hotel for check-in. Rest for awhile and off to the next plan. I dropped by at the SM Cebu to fetch a friend and classmate of mine in high school name Lovely. We went to Go-Kart station where we met our fellow ICEAN students namely Bagani, Jeric and Bon2, the official tour guide of Cebu. :D. We had our Go-Kart which was fun, spent time in Ayala mall and had our dinner at a particular place. Next destination is Crown Regency and had our Edge Coaster experienced where the two of you will take seat on the tilted chair mounted on the railings at the top edge of the hotel and strrts to move around where you can have a 360 degrees view of the city and it was a great one!

Leaving at Tagbilaran pier

Go-Kart with Lovely

Go-Kart time

At Ayala Center Cebu

Dinner time

Edge Coaster experience at Crown Regency

With our certificate of completion

Home Sweet Home
We bought our pasalubongs that night and wake up early the next day for a first flight bound to Davao. We rushing again since we're running out of time, spent just minutes taking a bath, checked-out immediately, demanded the taxi driver to rush to airport and had our queue to a very long line. When I heard the paging about our flight I thought it was an announcement that they're open for boarding and we're still on the queue. When we reached the X-ray point, we realized that the boarding had already started. Stress are coming into ours and thanks God we made it to the flight. Lesson learned, always had a big time buffer when you have a flight. :D Well, another memories and experiences to treasure traveling to places where you longed to visit before. Arrived at Davao Eco.City, I went home, prepared and ready for the duty. :D

Thank you and God bless us all!

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