Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom, Taal Volcano and Tagaytay

Travel Period: March 11 - 14, 2011
Destination: Enchanted Kingdom, Taal Volcano and Tagaytay

The Cast
Another adventure trip we had but this time we availed a promo fare from Zest Air! We booked a flight bound to Manila together with my co-workers named Reuben and Jethro with her wife Blessie. Everything was already set from the map we tracked on Google Earth, to the rides we want to take on Enchanted Kingdom, the time and duration between activities on the itinerary down to the expenses needed on the trip. We met at the Davao International Airport on March 11 in the evening, checked-in and boarded the plane. It was our first time to ride on Zest Air and we landed on Manila domestic airport. We spent the rest of the night at the airport since we have to travel bound to Laguna early in the morning.

Enchanted Kingdom
We left from the airport early in the morning on March 12 going to Buendia bus terminal. Travel along SLEX and exit at Sta. Rosa. The good thing is that we have a staff house in Laguna to stay in since we have our main office in Laguna, thanks to our VP Maam Cathy  for accommodating us. We took our breakfast, prepared our things especially our cameras because we will be having a thrilling ride in Enchanted Kingdom. Maam Cathy drove us to the park just few kilometers from the staff house and dropped us. We then bought a ticket worth 500 pesos for all rides but there are some rides that will require an additional fees.

Regular Day Pass worth Php500

Me at Enchanted Kingdom
Jungle Outpost in the background

Shot from the top of Wheel of Fate

Dusk at Enchanted Kingdom

EK at night
Definitely Breath-Taking Rides
Before going to any rides, of course, picture taking first and even during rides. :D First we tried the Roller Skater, a small roller coaster ride, intended for our warm-up but when we had the ride it's not just an ordinary warm-up ride but more than that, our adrenaline are pump-out. So we imagine how would it feel to go on the larger rides, we felt anxious yet excited at the same time. I wish I could express the feelings we had on the different rides we had. Next was Anchors Away, Wheel of Fate, Jungle Log Jam and many more but we reserved the best for last, the Space Shuttle Max! Febie, as college classmate of mine together her brother and cousin also joined the company. I will not go onto the details on every rides we had cause it will surely be long. We witnessed the fireworks display in the evening and went back to staff house, what a great day we had in Enchanted Kingdom. :D

Space Shuttle Max at the background

Reuben, Blessie and me at Anchors Away

We got wet on this ride!

Splashing ride too!

Space Shuttle Max

Closer Look At Taal Volcano
We woke up early on March 13, prepared ourselves for the next destination which is the Taal Volcano. We travel to Tagaytay then to Taal Lake Yacht Club. Paid the necessary fees and started our trek on Taal Volcano with tour guide. Arriving at the Taal Volcano, there are few locals offered us a horse ride going to the peak but we opted for a walk, we want an adventure one. Taal Volcano is a frequently visited tourist spot and most of the tourists are Korean nationals. We took some stops along the trail for a rest and picture taking and continue the moment we recharged. Arriving at the peak is an achievement for us and a great view at the main crater lake. We took some pictures and spent some time at the ridge, then trekked down and backed to Tagaytay.

The three blind mice!
Conquer Taal Volcano

Main crater lake at the background

Korean nationals along the way

Trekking Taal Volcano

Jump shot at the ridge

People's Park In The Sky
We backed track up to Tagaytay proper and proceeded to People's Park, an overlooking place around Tagaytay and Taal Volcano. Spent the rest of the afternoon in the park, took some photos and bought some souvenir shirts and finally back to staff house.

Reuben, Me, & Blessie at People's Park In The Sky

High rise buildings in Tagaytay

At People's Park

Home Sweet Home
We left at the staff house, went to bus terminal, arrived at Manila and proceeded to SM MOA. Around midnight we went to the airport and waited for our early flight. Back to our homeland with the adventure-pack memories we had from the trip.

At Paseo de Sta. Rosa

PMR Family: Me, Reuben, Jethro and Maam Cathy
At SM MOA before going to airport

Thanks Zest Air!

Thank you and God bless us all!

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