Friday, June 17, 2011

ABC: Amazing, Breathtaking Camiguin

Travel Period: March 17 - 20, 2011
Destination: Camiguin

Dream Came True
A year before our travel date, it was our dream to visit Camiguin and when a budget carrier offered another promo fares, we immediately grabbed a seats bound to Cagayan de Oro from Davao even though it's a one-way promo fare. We decided to travel by land back to Davao since it's still part of Mindanao island and commuting is not a problem. My travel buddies this time are Lorna and Armia, a high school classmates of mine way back 1999 to 2003. Armia nicknamed Mhing who celebrated her birthday three days before the trip which means this is also a post-birthday celebration trip. We met past five in the afternoon of March 17 at Davao International Airport, checked-in, and boarded the flight. Here we come CdeO and Camiguin!

CDO, The Second Time Around
 Arrived at Lumbia Airport in CdeO, took a cab and travel to downtown. We dropped off near a food chain restaurant and took our dinner. After that, we asked some locals for a cheap accommodation and finally decided to stay in UCCP dormitory. Took a rest and woke up early on March 18 for our next travel bound to Balingoan port.

Amazing Camiguin
We arrived at the Balingoan bus terminal, took a walk to the port which is just few meters away and bought a ferry tickets. While aboard at the ferry boat, we maximized our time by taking pictures. When we docked at the Camiguin port, we immediately look for our contact for the tour, unfortunately, he couldn't make it so we took the tour package offered to us at the port. We dropped by the restaurant, bought our lunch which we ate en route just to maximize the tour. The first tourist spot we visited was the Katibawasan Falls, followed with Ardent Hibok-Hibok Resort, Walkway to Old Volcano and Station of the Cross, Sunken Cemetery and finally Old Church Ruins. After the tour, we told our guide to drive us to Paguia's Cottages for our accommodation, a resort located near Paras Beach Resort fronting the famous White Island of Camiguin.


Sunken Cemetery


Sunset At Paras Beach Resort
After checking in at the resort, we immediately went to the shore to witness a sunset which I always appreciate. We wait for few minutes hoping that the horizon would clear its way from the clouds  and yes it did. We then just witnessed a beautiful sunset in Camiguin and of course, picture taking time. :D We took our dinner at Paras Beach Resort and we're glad we had our credit card that came in handy.


Breathtaking White Island
March 19, Day 2 at Camiguin Island, we woke up early and took our breakfast at Paras Beach Resort. We then inquired for a boat trip at the front desk for a trip to White Island. Prepared our things, and off to White Island by boat. While still going onto the island, we felt the excitement already and mesmerized when we took step at the island, indeed it was a great experience visiting the island. All was worth it, I could say that your Camiguin trip would not be complete if you'll miss the White Island. Obviously from the name itself, the island is composed of white sand, it has a great waves on one side while on the opposite side is a calm one. The island serves as a barrier/filter from the huge waves, so when you want a thrilling experience try swimming and conquering those huge waves if not, then have a relaxing dip at the calm and crystal clear water on the other side.

At Paras Beach Resort

Calm and clear and water!

Home Sweet Home
After the White Island experience, we went backed to the resort, packed our bags, checked-out and travel back to Balingoan port. When then rode a bus and decided to take the Butuan - Davao route instead of CdeO - Davao route. We arrive at Butuan bus terminal, took our dinner and prepared for a land travel that will take 7-8 hours. We boarded the bus and went back home. Although tired from the bus travel we had, all was lighten when I checked the photos. It was a great and amazing experience we had in Camiguin. Another milestone we had and a check on my bucket list. :D

Thank you and God bless us all! 

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