Saturday, January 5, 2013

Biketas 2013: Kaputian + Talicud Loop Ride

Travel Period: January 05 - 06, 2013
Destination: Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal and Isla Reta, Talicud Island

First Bike Adventure of the Year
January 5, first Saturday and weekend of the year 2013 when BIKEtas decided to have a ride bound to Isla Reta Beach Resort via Kaputian, IGACOS. Since I'm living on the northern part of Davao City, I directly went to Sasa 11 for the assembly. By around 7AM, we gathered at the pier, paid 26pesos (for the passenger and the MTB) and boarded the ferry bound to Babak port. After arriving at the Babak port, of course, the mandatory group picture before starting the ride. :D 

Left to Right: Ronie, Ramil, Sherwin
Babak To Penaplata Via Mambago
Before exiting at the Babak port, a biker must pay 2pesos for the environmental fee. Then, started the ride, we opted to take the shortcut via Mambago A and B because we have more distance to cover this time unlike with our previous Samal ride to Hagimit Falls where we can take the Circumferential Road since it was just around 10kms from Babak, no sweat, just kidding! Forgot to mention the BIKEtas members who did the ride were Ramil, Sherwin, Ronie and me. Back on track, it was slow ascent ride around Mambago then followed with a few distance of descent until Penaplata town proper. We had our quick break at a convenience store, refilled everything, from bottled water, energy drinks to food. Minutes after, we resume our ride to Kaputian.

Penaplata To Kaputian
The first time I did the Kaputian ride, I remember telling myself that I will not do it again, it was the moment when I pushed my bike on every ascent I've encountered, too tired mode. This time which is my second time was different, I wasn't on push-the-bike mode (baktas) on the entire ride. Weeeh! I guess, I have improved or it was just with Irony (my new bike) :D Back on track, we still do rest from time to time to regroup and do photo ops of the beautiful scenery including the overlooking view of Malipano Island and Pearl Farm Resort.

Kaputian To Isla Reta Beach Resort
Past the hour of 10am, we finally reached Kaputian town proper, the 3rd district of Samal along with Babak and Penaplata. They took their lunch while brunch for me. By 11am, we went to the ferry station, few meters after Kaputian Beach Resort and around that time there was no regular ferry in transit to Talicud Island so we opted to contract the boat captain for a ferry ride to Isla Reta for 350pesos where we divided among the four of us, however, it would cost 28pesos for the regular ride. Finally, we reached our destination - Isla Reta Beach Resort which never fails to impress me. Of course, swimming time and photo ops around the area.

Unplanned Detour
Prior to the ride, Jason, who just recently did a Gensan - Gumasa folding bike ride decided to join the trip but went directly to the beach and with the delays of the ferry trip, he arrived late in the afternoon. Also, James together with DBond had their overnight stay at the resort. Pina suddenly, one of my plans was proposed and that was to do the Talicud Loop ride. :D So I decided for an overnight stay while Ramil, Sherwin and Ronie decided to went back to Davao City. We had a great time spending the rest of the day, aside from swimming we also experienced playing frisbee and stayed outside for a whole night, just imagine sleeping without a blanket and pillow while a wind like electric fan set to maximum was blowing at you. :D

Talicud Island Loop Ride
January 6, Sunday, around 6am when the group had their photo ops first before the ride. Along with me were James and Jason for the loop ride. To reach the main circumferential road of the island, one must take around 300meters of ascent, good thing it was cemented. Since, all of us was first time to do the loop ride, I just relied on the memory I had when I researched the loop, we headed south and took a clockwise route. And upon intersection, we asked a local for the right direction to take the loop. Then proceeded with the ride, the loop was around 20kms where 12kms to Babusanta and Dayang Beach and from there it was 8kms back to Isla Reta. The trail to Babusanta had its few minor ascents and descents until going to the coastline where a steep downhill to be taken which means a steep ascent to get back. :D We finally reached our destination at Babusanta and had our photo ops. The majestic Mt. Apo and Davao City skyline is visible from that location which was a great background for us. :D To complete the loop, we rode back to the main road and head towards south for around 8kms. There was a long descent this time followed with a short yet very steep ascent. Then the rest are okay up to the beach resort.

Sunrise before the ride

Photo credits to James Malibiran for the 6 photos below, thanks James! :D

Jump shot at the boundary of Dayang Beach and Babusanta. :D

Compiled clips to the ride.

Back at the resort, we decided to take a quick dip since we're leaving by 12noon. With around 74kms and great experience during the ride, this would be one of the great bike adventure I had. This is just the beginning of the BIKEtas 2013 adventure and as of this writing, a plan to do the Puting Bato ride again is already set, yay, can't wait for that. :D

Thank you and God bless us all!

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