Sunday, January 13, 2013

Biketas 2013: Canibad Ride via Penaplata

Travel Period: January 13, 2013
Destination: Canibad Beach, Island Garden City of Samal

Puting Bato Plan
Days before the ride, it was planned to reach Puting Bato but it was not materialized during the ride. Let's check out why it didn't happen on my logs below. 6am was the time set for assembly at Sasa 11 wharf for departure to Babak, unfortunately, it was around 7am when the group assembled at the place (well, this is not common, Filipino time). This would be a challenge among members of Biketas to follow scheduled time, maybe next time, whoever cause the delay should treat the group. :p Back on track, we decided to board on  a larger ferry to accommodate our bikes. By 8am, we arrived at the Babak wharf and did a group shot. :D

Let x as friend of friend
Left to right: x1, x2, x3, Meill, x4(back), Jan Gee, Ramil, Lemuel(back), Jason, me, Presy, Richard, Julius
Photographer: Raksil. :D

Babak To Penaplata Via Mambago
A total of 14 bikers during this ride, mostly of Biketas members and 3 trial bikers who tag along the ride. As usual from Babak, we traversed Mambago A and B with a short ascent then followed with a flat surface and a downhill part all the way down to Penaplata. While trial bikers had hard time (biketas mode) on the ascent part due to their bike setup, mountain bikers just managed to climbed slowly. We regrouped at the main road for awhile before proceeding and upon reaching Penaplata, we bought drinks and snacks for a rough ride ahead.

Penaplata To Tayapoc Junction
From Penaplata, we headed westward where an inclined road will be encountered and followed with a rough road. This time, riders had built distance from each other due to the ascent, while others swiftly climbed the road, most of us take time to pedal on the lowest gear ratio as possible and taking quick breaks from time to time. It was on an overlooking area of the Samal Island when we regroup and take a break, of course, photo ops should not be miss. Few minutes after, we proceeded on the trail and another set of uphill but there was a downhill part few miles after and had to regroup again at the junction. This was the last stop before reaching Tayapoc junction. With energies regained, we continued the ride until we reached a very long ascent part before reaching the Tayapoc junction.

Tayapoc Junction
This is the junction going to Puting Bato on the right side and Aundanao (where Canibad Beach is located) on left side. It was almost 11am when we reached the junction and upon the calculation and recommendation of our trailmaster, it was decided not to pursue Puting Bato (the highest peak of the island around 400+ MASL). Since, it will be a long and very steep trail that it would take around 2hours just to reach the area considering the rarity of the stores along the rough road where we plan to take our lunch. The group agreed to divert to Canibad instead and have our lunch at the beach.

Tayapoc Junction To Canibad Beach
If there's an uphill surely there will also a downhill part and this was the best part of the ride, a long downhill rough road which is a perfect place for trial bikers. I managed to take some clips on the downhill part, it was just few minutes when reached the Canibad junction and regroup. Then off to Kathleen's Place for our lunch.

Canibad Beach
This will be my fourth time to visit the place, the first time was rough since we're commuting on habal-habal to reach the place. Glad, I had my bike now where I can reach places like this without paying a dime to commute. While others took a rest, Julius and Presy are preparing our lunch, tinolang manok and ginisang tinapa, sarap. After we took our lunch, others took a quick dip on the beach and by 2:30pm we left the place to head home.

Canibad Beach To Penaplata Via Tayapoc
Initial plan was to traverse circumferential road of Aundanao via Balet to Babak but it was settled on backtracking our route, yes backtracking, and imagine those best time of downhill part becomes our worst time. We pedaled for a short distance on a manageable part but most of the time we're on biketas mode (pushing our bike while walking). For around 45mins, we finally reached the top, whew! Then followed with a downhill part and had to regrouped and take a rest on the store at the junction part, forgot the name of the place. Then proceeded to Penaplata, but did a quick stop at the overlooking view for a beautiful sunset.

Penaplata To Babak Via Mambago A
From Penaplata, we traversed Mambago A and B, just backtracked on the route we took in the morning. This is an easy part and everyone was on relax mode since few minutes after, will be back to Davao City. Arriving at the Babak wharf we paid the fare and boarded the ferry. It was dusk when we sailed the Davao Gulf and was dark when we finally docked to Sasa 11 and parted our ways.

Lately, I'm tired of summarizing my blog entry. Well, it's almost 57km ride from Ilang to Canibad Beach and back and forth. "The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart." - Iris Murdoch 

Thank you and God bless us all!

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