Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Journey That Started It All

It will be my first time to participate the PTB blog carnival for July 2012 and the theme was "the journey that made us travel blogger". Well, there is no definite answer in my case because the first journey I had was in Cebu and Palawan. This is the journey that ignites the passion in my heart on traveling while the journey that made me a travel blogger was already a decision of mine to document the accumulated trips I had.

Quoting from a Chinese philosopher named Lao-tzu - "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  Well, my single step is not an ordinary one because it lead me to the last frontier of the archipelago, the province of Palawan.

This Palawan adventure opens the door to me of the world of traveling. We had our Puerto Princesa city tour, followed by an excursion to El Nido and did an island hopping, it was a fascinating experience to witness those majestic limestone walls topped with greenery and see pristine white beaches. The day after, we proceeded to Puerto Princesa Underground River, that time it was still on nomination stage for the New 7 Wonders of Nature and as of writing, it's officially one of the seven wonders. Another breathtaking experience we had when we entered cave, undeniably, a wonder of nature.

After my Palawan trip, it was succeeded with Boracay escapade with college friends, Cebu - Bohol trip, Baguio and Hundred Islands adventure with workmates, followed with my first solo backpacking trip in Zamboanga City, a vacation trip with my family in Bohol, my second solo backpacking trip in Puerto Galera and an EK - Tagaytay - Taal trip.

A year after my first journey, I finally decided to start my travel blog so that I could document the travels I had. It does not limit on the first journey itself but a series of amazing and unforgettable trips I had that gave birth to Boy Palaboy travel blog. :D

This is my official entry for PTB blog carnival for July 2012 hosted by Edmar Gu-Quibb.


  1. Napakaswerte mo at Cebu and Palawan ang first destination mo sa unang paglalakbay mo. :)

  2. Hello Rey, indeed, Palawan is such a blessed paradise. Hindi pa ako nakakapunta doon at your lucky :)

    Thanks for joining the blog carnival, I am looking forward to be amazed with Palawan too like you did whenever I will have the chance to visit this province. Salamat Rey for joining!

  3. Wow PALAWAN! ang saya! :) I can totally relate. I made my blog too just to document my travels :)

  4. Ang Palawan at Cebu ay understandably enough reason to turn you into a travel junkie. Naging mas mahilig din ako mag biyahe nung narating ko itong 2 lugar na ito. Happy blogging always.

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