Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bukidnon Day Trip

Travel Period: July 14, 2012
Destination: Bukidnon

All-Expense Paid Day Trip
Currently, I am connected with pallet making industry here in Davao City and our company provides pallets to customers for efficient logistics. As part of the field operation, the company needs to visit supplier's location for inspection and fortunately, I was able to tag along with this scheduled supplier's visitation. Along with me in this trip were Jake and Jhong (Operations), Maam Leizl, Jackie, Miching and Kristine (Accounting) who left around 6AM from the city and off to our destination, Bukidnon! :D

Bukidnon Over View
Before we could reach our destination, we have to passed a long and winding road near the Bukidnon - Davao (BUDA) boundary and some parts along the way are completely covered by a fog. Aside from supplier's visitation, we plan to do a side trip to maximize our visit in Bukidnon. After almost 3hrs we have reached our first side trip destination, Bukidnon Over View. This is a view deck overlooking the mountainous area of Bukidnon located at the top of the hill. There were some sculptures similar with the statues at People's Park in Davao, clearly an art signature of Kublai Milan. We had some photo ops and proceeded to our trip.


Supplier's Sawmill
We had our quick breakfast at Quezon in Bukidnon and then off to Don Carlos where the supplier's sawmill is located. When we arrived at the place, I was enlighten to saw how pallets are made, how they cut the logs, trim the stringer and used the plainers. Of course, photo ops at the site. :D

RR Family Spring Resort
After we had a visit at the supplier's sawmill, we went to RR Family Spring Resort in Maramag, Bukidnon to take our lunch. When I saw the place, I was wowed with it and one thing that quickly came into my mind, I wish I had brought extra clothes for swimming. :( The cascading pools are enticing with big trees around the area. We just had our photo shoots on some spots and finally took our sumptuous lunch, the main menu was lechon, yum yum! 

By 3PM, we decided to leave the place and went back to our hometown, Davao City. We had a quick stop along the way to buy fresh vegetables, the main products of the place. After 4hrs of travel to Bukidnon, 2hrs of supplier's sawmill inspection, 3hrs lunch and recreation at RR Family Spring Resort, another 4hrs travel back to Davao, and a great bonding time with workmates, I can say that the trip was all worth it.

Thank you and God bless us all!         

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