Sunday, July 15, 2012

Biketas 2012: Kaputian Side Trip In Isla Reta

Travel Period: July 15, 2012
Destination: Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal and Isla Reta Beach Resort, Talicud Island

Biketas 3.5
Prior to Biketas IV to Tagum for DM's 40th day, the group initiated a biketas event last week with Kaputian as the destination and just last Sunday when the Biketas 3.5 was materialized with 11 members. We assembled at Sasa 11 Pier past 6AM and boarded the ferry boat bound to Babak Pier. Upon arriving at the pier, we had our group picture taken first and then off to the trail.

Babak To Peñaplata via Circumferential Road
Another different trail we took going to Peñaplata since we will be navigating the circumferential road along the shoreline of Samal Island. It was a rough road with few ascent and descent parts along the way. We passed by to beach resorts along the road and did a quick stop for some photo ops in an area that is being developed into a residential community at a beach front with an overlooking view of Davao City's skyline. For almost an hour of biking, we finally reached our first stop at Peñaplata. Bought some foods and drinks for refill and later on, proceeded to our destination.

Davao City's skyline as the background.
Peñaplata To Kaputian 
As mentioned by our trail master, this will be the challenging part of the leg with few miles of ascent followed with a series of long and winding downhill roads. The climb was hard and I need to take some rest from time to time while for others, they just pedal all the way up to the top. :D One of the sweeper (the tail of the group) keeps motivating us on the ascent part by saying that only few meters left to the top which had encourage us to continue pedaling. After the ascent part, here comes the reward, a series of descent part, no sweat, but we have to be cautious during the blind curve and should maintain our speed. But this was not considered with one of our colleague and eventually lead to an accident. :(

Slow-Motion Picture
One of our friend had learn his biking lessons in a hard way. Indeed, the best learning in life is through experience. :D As he narrated as to what was the cause and happened during the accident, he stresses that before he hits the ground, everything was in sloooow-motion, he had the time to make up his mind on what to do before hitting the ground, thinking on what to do to lessen the impact, eventually hit the ground and he quickly stood up (like nothing happens mode). Luckily, he just got some minor bruise on the right hand and the helmet just did its purpose. This is why it is important to wear helmet during bike ride.  NO HELMET, NO RIDE policy. :D 

Collateral damage!
Finally Reached Kaputian
By 10AM, we have reached Kaputian District proper and proceeded to Kaputian Beach Resort. We took our meal and then off to swimming. Of course, photo ops underwater with the used of Panasonic Lumix TS-4. But before noon, we found out the that ferry servicing from Kaputian to Davao scheduled at 3PM had already stop which was our option to went back to Davao instead of backtracking by biking which I can't imagine biking those downhills we took earlier and that would be incredibly exhausting. 

Side Trip In Isla Reta
7 out of 11 decided to backtracked the trail by biking while the remaining four including me decided to take some chances on the Samal Express buses since one of us is injured. While we were relaxing on a cottage, we spotted a ferry boarding some passengers, we then asked for queries and finally decided to board the ferry since it will be going to Talicud Island where another ferry is scheduled to leave by 3PM from Talicud Island to Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City. We proceeded to Isla Reta Beach Resort which is just a few meters away from Talicud wharf. We took our lunch and proceeded to swimming and underwater photo ops. :D By 3PM, we left Talicud Island bound to Davao and off to our individual places.

With an unexpected plan we had and we took, definitely, this bike ride is one of the best we had. We endured the climb, relieved with the downhill, a lesson learned and a great reward for us. I didn't imagine that I will discover places I've never been to just with biking, I guess, this will be just the beginning of our biking adventure. :D

Thank you and God bless us all!           

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