Saturday, October 13, 2012

Biketas 2012: Hagimit Falls

Travel Period: October 13, 2012
Destination: Hagimit Falls, Peñaplata, Island Garden City of Samal

Saturday Ride
This is the first saturday ride we had in our Biketas group with the special participation of Jay together with his all-Giant specs bike. The rest of the group met at Mcdo Bajada and I waited at the Sasa 11 around 6am, when the rest of the group arrived, we proceeded to the ferry and paid 26pesos both for the passenger and bike.

Babak To Mambago A
After arriving at the Babak Pier, first we had our group shot taken. Paid 2pesos at the exit for environmental fee at off the to the rough road. There are many options to reach Peñaplata but the group opted to choose the shorter ride thru Mambago A. After a kilometer of rough road where road construction is still going on, the group had reached the cemented road with a slowly ascent. This is the part where members get separated depends on how fast and strong you pedal going to the top. As always, I get behind from the rest and we just have regrouped at the intersection of Samal main road.   


Mambago A To Hagimit Falls
After spending some minutes resting, the group proceeded to the destination: Hagimit Falls, this will be my second time to visit the falls. We passed by at Peñaplata proper then to the short yet steep ascent to Hagimit intersection where others had their short break. After we have regrouped, we immediately went to the Hagimit Falls entrance and paid 40pesos each. The road to the falls is very rough and some of us including me dismounted from the bike and went down while others remain riding on their full suspension bikes [padaplin ang mga baratohon na bike].

Hagimit Falls
Finally, we have the reach falls proper, unload our packs and took a rest while Julius fixed his flat tire and Raksil replaced his interior. After some time, we decided to have our swimming time and photo ops from every spots we could. Not to mention our other members who dive on a "DIVING IS NOT ALLOWED" spot [mga gahi og ulo]. :D


Hagimit Falls To Peñaplata To Bakak Then Home
By 11AM, we decided to went back to Peñaplata to have our lunch since we need to be a the Davao City proper by 2PM. There's the hard part of the ride again, ascending back to the entrance of Hagimit Falls. We had our photo ops again and continued to ride until Peñaplata where we took our lunch. After we had our lunch, we backed track on our trail via Mambago A, reached Babak Pier, aboard the ferry and finally off to our individual home.


I've been traveling to different places on tight budget but nothing beats exploring places thru biking, aside from the fact the you can appreciate more and get familiar with the landmarks you passed by, you could also reached your destination on a lesser budget. This time I had conquered Hagimit Falls thru biking and what completed the day was a short meet-up with my long-time-no-see college classmates at SM Lanang Premier. :D

Thank you and God bless us all!  

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