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Manila Field Trip

Travel Period: November 19 - 21, 2011
Destination: Metro Manila

The Title
For the entire school days of my life I've never experienced a field trip, too bad for me but on a lighter note this is an inspiration for me to explore places I've never been to. I guess, being deprived on my younger years made me a traveler addict now. Hehe. I have entitled this post as Manila Field Trip since me and a friend of mine named Lilian have visited historical places and amusement parks of the metropolis.

Day 1
November 19, I came early at the Davao International Airport, checked-in, requested a window seat and boarded the 5J flight, of course this is a promo fare. En route to Manila is a wonderful scenery of the clouds above and the glares and flares of the sunlight nearing sunset. It was past six of the evening when I arrived at NAIA Terminal 3, walked outside and took a jeepney bound MRT EDSA. I took an MRT and drop to Ayala station where I met my friend.

Chirstmas Lights Show at Ayala
We took our dinner first and then strolled at Ayala Avenue, I was impressed with what the city have, from skyscrapers down to streets, overpasses and underpasses. No wonder this is the business capital of our country. After some time, we reached a park near PSE Tower where Christmas lights are installed and people are everywhere taking pictures from different angle. Without wasting our time, we grabbed our camera and started to take pictures as we were awed with the scenery. We spent some time at the park and later on, the lights show had started, it was an amazing show. Around 10pm, we decided to went to my friend's apartment and ended the day.

Day 2
November 20, I woke up early, prepared and by 8am we started to journey on our field trip. This is a DIY trip, so everything is on budget as much as possible. First destination is the Santisimo Rosario Parish Church of UST, we took a jeepney and alighted on the right side on the campus. This is where the challenge had started, when we approached the gate and asked the guard, we were advised to used the other gate some meters away, then we proceed to gate mentioned but realized that it's just for student entrance only and decided to just proceed to other side. With no idea, we stroll  the back side of the UST campus, inquired to a local and was pointed on the other side, to sum it all, we walked half of the perimeter of the campus, whew, I think that's around a mile distance. Hehe. Finally, we reached the church and took some pix, I decided not to go inside since I'm wearing short pants and realized that the university had its bar exam held, no wonder we were not allowed to pass on the opposite side of the campus.

This is our next stop of our field trip. We rode a jeepney again and alighted at Intramuros. It's an extraordinary experience to be able to personally see those historic building and events mentioned on our history books. Luckily, we found a fast food chain after some time of strolling around the place and there we took our breakfast and satiated our starving stomach. Aside from those historic buildings, Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church is also situated inside the historic complex.

San Agustin Church
This is the main reason I included visiting Intramuros on my itinerary because it's one of my Travel Destination: UNESCO Edition entry. San Agustin Church is one of the four Baroque churches in the Philippines that was included on UNESCO World Heritage Site. Compare to Miag-ao Church, another heritage declared site, San Agustin had only a plain facade but the moment I went inside the church I was instantly amazed with its dome, it is clearly fascinating, feels like I've visited a basilica in Vatican.

National Museum
Third destination of our field trip experience is visiting National Museum. From Intramuros gate, we walked just few meters and have reached the National Museum. The only piece of art that I only wanted to see is the famous painting of Juan Luna and also one of our national treasure and that is the Spolarium. Finally, I have seen the painting up close, together with other piece of arts displayed inside the museum. Different arts made by various Filipino artists and a bone museum the on third level where you can see a huge skeleton of a sperm whale.

National Park
After touring the National Museum, we proceeded to National Park located just at the back. This time my main goal is to take a photo of our national hero Jose Rizal where a monument was erected. As of writing this blog, I already feel tired and need to finished this up quickly. Back to the topic, we took shots of the monument where two military guards stand stood still in front of it.

Manila Ocean Park
After National Park, we side trip to Manila Ocean Park and took our lunch. Took some photos around and after an hour, we decided to went to Star City, our final destination of our field trip experience.

Star City
From Quirino Grandstand, we took a cab and alighted at Aliw Theater where Star City is also located. We paid about 350pesos for the rides. Their rides are also similar to Enchanted River but their main attraction is the Star Flyer ride which I've been eager to try. We try all of the rides except those kiddie rides. Hehe. Past 6pm when me and Lilian are tired and decided to went to SM Mall of Asia. I bought 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme for pasalubongs and after that we have separated our ways and I need to go to the airport by 9pm since I will be having a first flight bound to Davao.

Day 3
November 21, after taking some nap, I prepared and checked-in at the counter by 3am, proceeded to boarding gate where a stressful thing almost happen, I went to a different boarding gate, I didn't notice it was Gate 17 and expected it was Gate 16. Minutes before the boarding time, I've checked the monitor, the sign was bound for Tacloban, oh crap, I asked the personnel and directed me to Gate 16. Luckily, I arrived at the boarding gate before they started the boarding procedure or else my mind would go on a really stressing situation. Back to my hometown Davao City are my wonderful experiences and a learning of our history. It was indeed a great field trip for me and big thanks to Lilian who accompanied and accommodated me.

Thank you and God bless us all! 

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