Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Day Trip To Boracay of the South

Travel Period: December 3, 2011
Destination: Glan, Sarangani and General Santos City, South Cotabato

Out of Town Trip
Aside from planned and promo flight trips, out of town day trips are one of my alternatives to travel to other places. So, when my friend Lorna want to do an out of town trip, I suggested we do the Gumasa beach excursion since I've heard and read a lot of good reviews of the place. The beach is also known as the Boracay of the South, while Pagudpud of Ilocos Norte as the Boracay of the North.

Company Assembly
We decided to meet at DCOTT (Davao City Overland Transport Terminal) around 1am. We took a Yellow Bus Line bound to General Santos City, paid 126pesos for the fare and left past 3am at the terminal. My travel buddies this time were Jesisa, Lorna and Marchie. Countryside views going to our destination always fascinates me and made time fly faster, that's why I love to travel and see different landscapes of our nature. We arrived at GenSan city proper around 7am and took a trike bound to KCC Mall where a van terminal bound to Glan is stationed. We then transfer to a van, paid 80pesos each and travel to Glan. Arriving from Glan, we took a trike bound to Gumasa beach and requested to White Haven Beach Resort.

White Haven Beach Resort
When traveling to the beach, we were excited when we saw the white sand shoreline of the beach. After some time we reached the said resort, I took out my camera and started taking pictures. We paid 300pesos for the open cottage and ordered for lunch since it will take time to prepare and requested to be serve it by lunchtime. We proceeded to our cottage, unloaded our packs, started to explore the shoreline and took pictures here, there and everywhere. :D After few minutes, we decided for swimming time and enjoyed the rest of the time til lunch.

Back To General Santos City
We took our lunch time and had our power nap since four of us are sleepless and tired of swimming. Sleeping at the cottage in front of the beach with the cool breeze was very relaxing, an hour of sleep was already enough to recharge our energy. By 2pm, we decided to backtracked to GenSan, stop over at the golden Glan Municipal building and travel again. When we reached the city, we asked some locals on how to commute to Sarangani Highland Resort. We took a trike and then a jeepney, unfortunately, most of the locals are not familiar with our destination so we change our plan en route and decided to visit the fish port to personally see those huge tuna fishes. Another unexpected thing came out, the port personnel advise us that early morning would be the best time to witness tunas since its harvesting time and also wearing shorts are not allowed inside the plant.

Freedom Park
We travel back to the city proper and dropped at the Freedom Park where there is a Christmas tree at the center and some fun rides. We spent some time at the park, ordered for our dinner, observed the locals, do some chatting and took some pictures. After some time, we left the park and went to the bus terminal, and travel back to our hometown Davao City.

Finally I was able to visit the Boracay of the South, Boracay of the North and the Boracay itself. Its interesting to note that there is no Boracay of the East and West as of the moment or else it will be added on my "To Go" list. Hehe. Another significant event on my travel timeline, a checked on one of my list, and a treasured moments with the company.

Thank you and God bless us all!

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