Saturday, December 31, 2011

Awesome CAT: Cebu Adventure Trip

Travel Period: December 10 - 12, 2011
Destination: Moalboal, Badian and Cebu City

Last Promo Flight Availed
This is my last promo flight availed in Cebu Pacific promo fares for the year 2011. It was around 3rd quarter of this year when they offered the promo of Piso Fare sale for there seats and I quickly booked for it. I've been to Cebu many times before but I never had a chance to visit outside towns since it was a gateway for me during my previous trips in Palawan and Bohol. This time, I had booked another flight bound to Cebu and planned to explore their pristine beaches of the north in Bantayan and Malapascua Island. Days came by, the weather was not cooperating so we decided to do the other plan, that is to explore South Cebu particularly in Moalboal of its white sand beach and visit Badian of their famous Kawasan Falls. Along with this trip are my friends named Perlie and Nyme.

Here We Come Moalboal!
Day 1, December 10, Perlie and I met at Davao International Airport around 7am, checked-in and boarded the flight. Arriving at Mactan International Airport in Lapu-lapu City, we took a multicab and dropped to Save More, then hailed a cab bound to SM City Cebu to meet Nyme, a closed friend of Perlie who will be joining the trip. From SM, we proceeded to South Bus terminal where buses bound to southern part of Cebu are stationed. Its was almost lunchtime when we left the bus terminal, again, countryside landscapes always amazes me, one thing that keeps me doing a land travel to distant towns. And after around 3 hours of bus travel, we finally reached Moalboal town, took a trike and proceeded to Bas Daku beach. We looked for our accommodation and finally found a decent one, unloaded our packs and took a rest first before exploring the white sand beach.


Beach Combing, Swimming And Picture Taking
We spent some time in the cottage, waiting the heat of the sun to ease up so we can explore the shoreline. When it did, we started to comb the beach from one to end to another, taking shots on every spots we liked. By sunset, we sat on the sand and observed the sun slowly setting down on the horizon, glaring with orange to reddish rays, truly you can feel you're on a vacation for a break. Around 6pm, we decided to take our dinner since their resto will closed around 8pm and while waiting for our order, I decided to take a dip since I can't wait try and swim the calm water while Perlie and Nyme are busy photo shooting on the resto. :D After taking our dinner, me and Nyme decided to swim while Perlie opt to take pictures. It was a perfect time because that time it was full moon, it was my first experience to have a night swimming under the full moon and later on, we witnessed the full lunar eclipse slowly unfolding in our eyes. Have some chats and finally decided to end the day. :D

Kawasan Falls
Day 2, December 11, we wake up around 7am and prepared ourselves. We decided to hire a trike going to Badian for our Kawasan Falls adventure since it will be more convenient. We arrived at the crossing and took a hike for few hundred meters before finally reaching the falls itself. No more words that can describe what we felt when we saw the falls, all I can say is that it was all worth it and maybe the photos below could speak of its awesomeness. Of course, picture taking here, there and everywhere and by lunchtime, we decided to went back to Cebu City, took a bus, another 3 hours of travel and finally reached the metropolitan.

Arriving at the city, we proceeded to Nyme's apartment and decided to have a meal since we're starving. And by late afternoon, we went to TOPS, situated at the hilltop of Cebu highlands and an overlooking to the entire Metro Cebu. It was a perfect time since we witnessed the city during dusk and of course, photo ops would not be miss. Then took a motorcycle back to the city proper and to SM Cebu and was invited to come over to their friend's place for a dinner. It was a small gathering with their previous co-workmates, telling their stories while I'll just sitting there, listening their experiences working in a new environment and away from home. At some point, I'm just glad and fortunate that I could see and be with my family everyday. :D I proceeded to Sugbutel for my accommodation and ended the day.

Taoist Temple And Mabolo Kartzone
Day 3, December 12, I went to Nyme's place around 8am in the morning. We took our breakfast, packed our things and started our next adventure for the day. First stop is the Taoist Temple. It was a long hike to the temple, arrived at the place and started to take photos. After some time, we went to Ayala Center and had our lunch before proceeding to Mabolo Kartzone. By 3pm, we went to the place, waited for our common friend to catch up and unfortunately, he couldn't make it so Perlie and Nyme decided to do the go-karting and I opted to take the photos since I have already experienced go-karting twice. Around 4.30pm we decided to went to Nyme's place, packed our things since we need to catch our 7pm flight back to my hometown Davao City. We hailed a cab to the airport, one notable thing happened on this trip, the cab driver was sleepy driving us to the airport so when I noticed that his head was literally swaying then I immediately asked him and we alerted him to keep him awake, it would totally mess up our vacation if anything happens. Thank God that all is well.


This trip is one of the perfect trip I've ever had, from the company I had, to the places we've visited, and finally, the perfect weather that God provided us and to mention that we're able to witnessed a full lunar eclipse on a full moon. Another memorable experiences I had that I will surely treasure, milestone reached of my passion for travel and knew more people while exploring the rest of the country. :D

Thank you and God bless us all! 

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