Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day Trip To The Hidden Paradise

Travel Period: November 7, 2011
Destination: Isla Reta Beach Resort, Talicud, IGaCoS

A Holiday
Aside from weekends, holidays for me are the best opportunity to explore other places and do a trip. So, when our government declared a holiday for November 7, 2011 in celebration with a day of sacrifice of our Muslim brothers, we immediately planned a trip on that day. It's been a long time since I've seen and heard about a magnificent beach in Talicud Island, Samal named Isla Reta Beach Resort. And on this holiday, finally, my dream to visit the place came true.

Off To The Beach
We met at my friend's bakeshop around 7am and then proceeded to Sta. Ana Wharf located near at Magsaysay Park. Brought with us are ample food, snacks and drinks for the day trip. We boarded a ferry, managed by the beach resort owner that exclusively transfers guests to and from their resort. We left from the pier around 9am and paid 80pesos for the boat fare. It's a great experience to watch the Samal on the horizon and the skyline of Davao City.

Isla Reta Beach Resort
After around an hour of travel we finally saw the shoreline of the magnificent beach. We were awed with the sight and immediately grabbed our cameras to take many photos as much as possible. The water is crystal clear blue with varying shades of green and blue as the water level goes to the deep. Added with a relaxing greenery of the trees along the shoreline that serve as shade also from the heat of the sun. When we docked, we settled on one of the table under the trees, its for free by the way only those nipa huts have fees. We rest for a bit, unloaded our packs, and took our lunch first since its almost noon.

Swimming And Picture Taking Time
After we had our lunch, we can't wait to take a dip on those awesome, clear waters. Fortunately, there are trees that overshaded on the water area and its a great place to spent swimming all the time and not to worry of having a sunburn. I took some dives and find some starfish which I ended up in gathering up to 5 starfishes. Taking some breaks, chatting, taking pictures, played some games and just have fun in the place.

Packing Time
After almost 4 hours of swimming time, we decided to prepare since its about time that the ferry boat will be back to Sta. Ana pier and this will be their last trip. It was sunset when we travel back to the city and took some shots. But wait, surprisingly one of the passenger spotted some dolphins ahead, yes dolphins! I couldn't believe there's a school of dolphins along the Davao strait. I went to the front of the ferry boat and all of the passengers got on the their feet to watch the spectacular dolphins. This dolphin watching experience completed our trip and one of the passengers commented that good thing he pursue with their trip and it was all worth it. Although I've seen dolphins during our Bohol trip, this is the first time I've seen dolphins so close, they escorted our ferry and racing with the speed of the boat, you can see them below the boat making some flips. All in all, the trip was really worth it and we're just thankful to be able to experience it.

Thank you and God bless us all! 

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