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DDS Excursion: From Island To Highland

Travel Period: October 31, 2011
Destination: Bato, Sta. Cruz and Kapatagan, Digos City

The Title
When we heard the term DDS, it immediately connotes to the vigilante group named Davao Death Squad which is mostly known among DavaoeƱos like me. But this time, DDS refers to a province named Davao del Sur which is just a neighbor of Davao City. I would like to take this opportunity to make some clarifications about geography, Davao City is an independent city of any province, which means it doesn't belong to Davao del Sur. Back to the title, so why Davao del Sur? Because this time our trip destination will be in Davao del Sur namely the Passig Agri-Eco Park situated in Bato, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur and Camp Sabros and Agong House which are both located in Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur. Now, the term "excursion" which I only knew this year and added in my vocabulary refers to a short journey or trip or it means a trip at reduced rates. To simplify, its Davao del Sur trip. :D

For a traveller like me, a declared regular or special holiday is a gift to me. Its an opportunity for me to take a break and have a chance to visit and explore places I've never been to. Luckily this time, my friend Lorna initiated the plan and invited me together with her friends to have an adventure trip at Camp Sabros which we just had last October 31 since its holiday. Days before the trip, I've researched the net and read some reviews and trip blogs. So, aside from Camp Sabros as the main tourist destination of the province, I'd also learned another one and that is the Passig Agri-Eco Park commonly known to locals as Passig Islet.

Going To The Islet
We gathered at the Ecoland terminal and boarded the bus bound to Digos City. We paid 80pesos each for the bus fare and asked the bus conductor to drop us at the Passig Islet crossing. When we arrived at the crossing, we walked for few distance going to a booth for visitors registration. We paid 15pesos only for the entrance and decided not rent a cottage on the islet since we'll just want to see the place and took some photos. Hehe. After the registration, you need to walk along the wooden bridge sided with an amazing mangrove trees to reach the dock where the motorized boat stationed, the place was awesome and relaxing. We paid 20pesos for the boat fare and that's a round trip fare, cheap huh. Even when approaching the islet, we already had our biggest smiles on our face and excited to set foot on the place.    

Passig Agri-Eco Park
Upon reaching the islet, I am fascinated with the view, open sea on one side while a majestic Mt. Apo range on the other side. We took a rest for awhile before taking some pictures and after that, camera click here, there and everywhere. :D. After we have toured the islet, we decided to backtracked to the crossing and proceed to our main destination, Camp Sabros this time.

Going To The Highland
It was around 9.30am when we rode a jeepney bound to Digos City proper and paid 10pesos for the fare. We alighted at the jeepney terminal where van transport service bound to Kapatagan are stationed. The van must be fully occupied before it travel to Kapatagan, in local dialect it terms as "torno". It was around 10.30am when we left the city proper and paid 100pesos for the fare. Going to our destination was not easy yet an enjoyable experience. It was rough road with some curves and the driver seems navigating the path easily making some quick accelerations on some point and the feeling was like we were riding on Anchors Away in Enchanted Kingdom. Hehe. Slowly, we ascended into the mountain range and the fogs are already visible, you can already feel the cold of the wind, an instant air-condition on our service.After an hour of travel, we finally reached the crossing of Camp Sabros and welcomed with large tarpaulins on the roadside. But that's not it, we need to trek around a half-mile in order to reach the Camp Sabros proper but we have fun on hiking, and to mention that I'm used to it. :D

Camp Sabros
It almost lunchtime when we reached the place and we were advised to take our lunch first since the zipline operators will be taking their breaks. We ordered some meals and paid less than 100pesos each for typical Filipino set of meals. Of course, while waiting for the operation to resume, we maximize our time by taking picture. We then paid for the rides and chose the "all-zip" ride package consist of 3 zipline rides and 1 cable lift which cost 550pesos.

Tandem 380-meter Zipline Ride
When the operations resumed, we climbed on the platform and did the first tandem zipline ride 380 meters. After reaching the other hill, we need to ride a 4x4 truck to reach the next platform the 820 meters zipline ride, the longest in Camp Sabros, second longest in the Philippines next to the 840 meters ride in Dahilayan Adventure Park. But before reaching the next platform, we had experienced the exhilarating ride on the 4x4 truck while navigating the trail. Weew!    

820-meter Zipline Ride
As I mentioned earlier, this is the longest and highest zipline ride in Camp Sabros. This time, I didn't took a video on the ride and just enjoy the breathtaking zipline ride down to the other hill. When we all reached the other platform, its time to regroup and proceed to the next ride.

Cable Lift Ride
All four of us did cable lift ride together and it was an amazing ride experience because you will be hovering on top of the forest especially on pine trees. After reaching the platform, we alighted and rode the 4x4 truck again to proceed to the next destination.

400-meter Ride
Another exhilarating ride on the 4x4 truck before reaching the last zipline ride of the package. This time I took a video on my ride and it was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, I haven't uploaded the videos yet, maybe some time.

Going To The Playground
Just like taking a meal, first is appetizer, then the main dish and finally the dessert. In this trip, we had our Passig Agri-Eco Park first, followed with the zipline ride in Camp Sabros as the highlight and will be ended with a visit to a fascinating playground. We contracted a motorcycle driver for the quick tour and paid 30pesos each. When we reached the site, we can't stop ourselves from getting excited to check on every piece of art positioned on the playground.

Agong House
I've known Agong House before when it was featured on a local travel show named "Mag-TV Na, Sadya Ta". So, I included it on the plan and wanted to see the place personally. When we reached the place, we were immediately impress by the delicate carving or creation of the different arts displayed on the place which was made the our very own Kublai Milan. Of course, picture here, there and everywhere and to cut the story short, the place was unique and awesome!     

After the tour, we decided we went back to Davao City, backtracked on our way, rode a van and a bus. We just spilled around 1000pesos on this excursion considering it was an adventure-packed trip. Well, another milestone of my passion for travel, new places I've discovered and an experiences to treasure, forever!

Thank you and God bless us all!

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