Saturday, February 2, 2013

Biketas 2013: Loleng's Revisited Ride

Travel Period: February 02, 2013
Destination: Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort, Davao City

The 2nd Time Around
It was just past 2 weeks since we did my first Loleng's ride last January 19. This was my second time to ride to Loleng's (first choice of the group since its cheap, 100pesos only for entrance fee and swimming pool) and this time, Leojim had his maiden ride with Biketas together with Jason, Ronie and Sherwin while James later joined the ride. Meet up at McDo Bajada around 5:30am, had our early breakfast at Chowking and it was past 6am when we ride out.
Photo credits to James Malibiran
Downtown To Toril
As usual, we traversed Torres St., exit at Quirino then Bankerohan and proceed to Matina. Jason lead the ride while I was the last man who also took photos from time to time. We maintained a moderate pace during the ride, not bad for Leojim to keep up with the pace considering he haven't bike for awhile. At Ulas area, a biker pass us and I'd breakaway from the group to catch up with the biker. Looking at the gears setting, his on the maximum ratio while I have 2 more gears for me. After 2kms, I started to tire out with the pace and decided to slow down and waited others to regroup. By 7:25am, we reached Toril proper where James waited for us and joined the ride. 

Toril To Loleng's
From crossing Bayabas Toril, a road sign can be seen indicating the distance of Eden which is 13kms. Since Loleng's is 4kms before Eden, that means only 9kms of uphill ride to be taken, yay, now I'm good with Math, didn't used the Calculator app. :D. After a kilometer from James' house, the first and last downhill part  of Loleng's ride was encountered which was followed by a short steep ascent after the bridge. Shifting to a manageable gears, we slowly reduce our speed, I calculated the remaining distance and we could reached the junction to Loleng's by 9am if we maintain a pace of 15minutes per kilometer. While Ronie and Sherwin was already way ahead from us, we took our time pedalling with Leojim whom had his official Biketas mode experience. :D Few meters before we reached the junction and regrouped, we had our break for a buko juice drink at the road side, which was great to quench our thirst.

Swim, Play, Eat
Once we regrouped, we had our photos ops at the entrance and finally proceed to the resort proper by taking a rough road with loose gravel and rocks. We're the first guests to use the pool that day and started diving lessons and photo ops again. An hour before noon, we decided to went to the resto and ordered for our lunch. While waiting for the food, we decided to feed the birds and do photo ops again whom Sherwin was eager to do. We proceed to basketball court and had our shooting games where James, Ronie and I lose the game race to 11 (onse-onse). Next was the ABC game, on the lead were Ronie, James and Leojim while Jason and me were stuck on the A position, after some rounds Jason was able to catch up with them and I am the only one left at A. When all of them were on the C position, I had a lucky shot from A, proceed to B and catch until C. With their tips, I was able to shot from C, whew! Time to eat our lunch, grilled chicken for us. Then back to the pool for another swimming session and more photo ops. :D


Loleng's To Toril
By 3pm, we decided to pack up and ride out. Upon exit, they bought some honey at the store near the junction. The ride back to Toril from Loleng's was quick since it was downhill, it only takes around 15 minutes compared to an around 2 hours of pedalling up. We dropped by at James' house and had a meal since it was fiesta that day. Past 4pm when we ride out bound to downtown proper.

Toril To Downtown
We set to maintain our pace at around 20km/h, did a quick stop at Matina area. And by past 5pm, we reached Obrero. After that, we visited Julius at SPH who was admitted due to dengue and with around 30k platelet count, he still managed to crack some jokes. As of this writing, he's feeling better and still need some rest, praise God.

The ride only covered a total of 83kms based on the plotting I did on Google Earth, I guess I need to have a speedometer on my bike installed to track the distance more accurately. "The bicycle is a curios vehicle. Its passenger is its engine." - John Howard

Thank you and God bless us all!

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