Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life Is A Great Adventure

Travel Period: December 30, 2011
Destination: Outland Adventure, Davao City

The Plan
Its been a long time since me, Lorna and Armia had our last trip together in Camiguin and we've been planning when will be the next time we can do our trip. Holiday was fast approaching last December 30, 2011 because it was Rizal Day and laid our plans on where we gonna go. Mati trip was the initial plan however we finally settled on doing the zipline experience on Outland Adventure located just within the city's vicinity.

Outland Adventure
When we did the online research about the place, their Xcelerator and Repentor ride caught our attention. And when the day finally came, we went to the place located in Diversion Road and immediately proceeded to the reception area for registration and paid 500pesos for the two rides. There were also some visitors who came along with us since the ride will be done by batch. The personnel had oriented us about the basic information of safety and the ride and then we had wore the zipline harness gear.

The Rides
They transported us to the starting point thru a van and alighted somewhere at the top of the hill where the first station of the ride is located. The first turn was for me, okay no big deal since I've been to many ziplines before and I didn't feel any nervousness inside. The first zipline ride I had was in Eden Nature Park followed with a ride in Loboc Eco-Adventure Park in Bohol, then the zipline ride in Lake Sebu over the waterfalls and lastly the ride I had was in Camp Sabros at Kapatagan, Digos City. Back to the ride, I climbed onto the platform and they attached the cablings and hooks while I prepared my camera for video recording. Seconds later, I was released from the platform off to zip down to the other end. Weeh!

The Twist
I waited my friends and then we proceeded to the second ride thru trekking for a few meters to the next platform. For the second ride, there's an optional twist and that is you can choose an inverted style on doing the zipline. Yes, inverted it is, heads down and feet up while zipping down to the other end. I wanted to try this style but I had my tripod and camera with me so I indeed up doing the Superman style again for the second ride. And we're gathered back to the reception area, had our pictures taken and my friends bought a souvenir shirt, unfortunately, they don't have a t-shirt size fit for me.

Small Lake
We took a little tour around the area because we were curios about the lake and want to see the rest of the place. Took some pictures around the place and finally decided went back to city proper for our small high school reunion.

Reunion At The Peak
We went to G-Mall and met our high school classmates Joan and Mitchel together with Jesisa. We had our chats about individual updates of their lives, had our dinner and pizza trip, we toured and amazed at the newly expanded place of Gaisano Mall which called as The Peak and as the name implies, it is located at the roof deck and had 2 additional storeys overlooking the city's skyline.

With the trip we had that day at Outland Adventure, Armia had her first zipline experience, had our small gathering of high school classmates after few years, I can say that indeed "Life is a Great Adventure". We only have to be brave to face those challenges ahead of us, take one step at a time, treasure those things that matter to us and of course with the guidance and provision from our Almighty God. :D 

Thank you and God bless us all!       

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