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It's More Fun In Calinan

Travel Period: January 23, 2012
Destination: Calinan, Davao City

The Initial Plan
It was January 23, 2012 when a holiday was declared in celebration with Chinese New Year. Days prior to the trip, we have already decided to do the river tubing in Talomo River and even inquired, unfortunately it was not pursued because some of our friends backed out and it would be costly for the three of us to avail the package. Nevertheless, we push thru our plan to have a trip on Calinan but this time, it would more on a nature trip. Along with this trip is my partner in crime Jesisa and a close friend of mine named Lorna.

Calinan, Gateway To Nature
It’s been a decade passed when I last set foot in Calinan during my high school boy scouts camping last 2002. From city proper, Calinan can be reached with a private car via the Davao-Bukidnon national road. But for a “Boy Palaboy” like me, commuting is the best option. You can ride an Annil bus or multicab van bound to Calinan with a fare of 45pesos. Upon reaching Calinan, you can hire a tricycle for around 100pesos bound to your destination; first stop is the Philippine Eagle Center! 

Philippine Eagle Center
The Center is home to 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of which   are  captive-bred. It also houses 10 other species of birds, 4 species of  mammals   and 2 species of reptiles. Simulating a tropical rain forest  environment, the   Center offers the visitor a glimpse into the  country’s forest ecosystem - Philippine Eagle Foundation. For an entrance of 5pesos at the DCWD and 50pesos at the center, you can enjoy touring by yourself around the area or you can have a tour guiding free of charge and learn significant information about the birds and different wildlife species. 

Animals Around
Aside from the Philippine eagle and different species of birds, the center had also various animals in the vicinity. Among of these wildlife animals are fruit bats, crocodile, wild boar, snakes and monkeys. There is also a pond where a school of fish can be seen in different sizes. 

Fruit Trip
Upon exiting at the center, you can buy some souvenirs at stalls and some fruits displayed. We didn’t passed the opportunity to have a taste of the delicious Marang fruit with a very cheap price of 15pesos only. Instead of hiring a tricycle, we decided to hike along the road going to our next destination. A breath of fresh air while eating the Marang fruit made the experience priceless. Along the road we passed a fruit stand where the famous durian fruits are displayed. We took the chance, bought and ate it right away with a price of 35pesos per kilo, not bad for an unseasoned period. 

Fuentespina Orchid Garden
After the fruit trip, we continued our stroll to Fuentespina Orchid Garden, it houses a various species of orchids and plants including the world -famous Vanda Sanderiana or also known as Waling-waling. After a quick tour at the orchid garden, we proceeded to Malagos Garden Resort right just across the road.

Malagos Garden Resort
It was around three in the afternoon when we started exploring the resort. Unfortunately, bird show is scheduled every morning and we miss the chance to witness it but wait, it was a blessing in disguise because around that time, it’s the schedule of bird feeding. We went to the dome-shaped bird cage and were amaze to see birds flying from every directions, it feels like I’m playing inside the Angry Birds Rio version. Hehe. The bird feeding experience completed our whole trip and definitely could say that it was all worth it. 

At some point and what we’ve experienced, unplanned trips are sometimes the thrilling and worthy ones. I had a great time with my friends learning what the nature had offered. Starting from an encounter of the King of Sky, Philippine Eagle, to a taste to the King of Fruit, Durian, down to the exquisite Queen of Flowers, Waling-waling and finally to the unforgettable experience of bird feeding. Based on the experience above, indeed it’s more fun in Calinan.

Thank you and God bless us all!

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