Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Fourth Solo Backpacking Trip

Travel Period: February 28 - March 7, 2012
Destination: Clark, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore

The Preparation
Before the day of my travel I have already researched the necessary information, revised my itinerary many times and packed the necessary things in a backpack for a 9-day journey. Starting from the places I want to visit, things I want to do, details on every expenses and even possible questions that Immigration Officer would ask, all is already planned and prepared. Since this is my fourth solo backpacking and my first trip abroad, I was very anxious about it. Let's say on how did I get through on this travel trip abroad.

Wonder what 6-in-1 means? That means six flights in 1 trip, yes, six it is. To reach my destination (Singapore) and return back to my hometown (Davao City) I have booked promo tickets from different airlines for six flights with an approximate total cost of only 4K, not bad I guess. My flight transition was Davao - Manila, Clark - Malaysia, Malaysia - Singapore, then Singapore - Malaysia, Malaysia - Clark and finally Clark - Davao. Thanks to Airphil Express, Air Asia and Cebu Pacific for their promo fares.

Day 1
It was past 7 o'clock in the evening when I went to Davao International Airport for my late night flight bound to Manila. Did the necessary check-in procedures, paid terminal fee, went to the boarding lounge and then boarded the flight. It was almost midnight when I arrived at the NAIA 3 and part of my itinerary was to spend time until daybreak at the airport (airport sleeper mode).

My pocket money: Philippine peso, Malaysian ringgit, Singapore dollar
Day 2
February 29, before I went outside at the airport, I have converted some of my pocket money to Malaysian ringgit and Singapore dollars at the foreign currency exchange counters. Took a jeepney bound to EDSA where I had my breakfast then walked to bus terminal bound to Dau, Pampanga. When I arrived at Dau bus terminal, I took a jeepney bound to SM Clark where I spend some time and took my lunch. By noontime, I decided to look for my accommodation.

Tune Hotels and Marquee Mall
With the help of a map installed on my android phone, I checked the distance of Tune Hotel from my starting point and finally decided to reach it by foot. At the check-in counter, the officer told me that they have promo offers because the construction was not totally finished but some of the rooms are already good for occupancy. Unload my packs, took a nap and have some rest. By late afternoon, I've decided to explore Marquee Mall as part of my itinerary and without the full knowledge of the jeepney routes, I depended on my map and again navigate all to way to Marquee Mall from Tune Hotel. When I finally arrived, all my exhaustion were gone because of the relaxing scenery of the mall complex.

Day 3
March 1, I woke up early, prepared my things and check-out. I took my breakfast first at the food chain near the jeepney terminal and later on, I took a Route 1 jeepney together with some airport passenger. We dropped at the exit gate of Clark airport and walked some distance to reach the terminal itself. I went directly to the queue and when I filled up the form, my hands were literally shaking since its my first time to travel abroad and I have read some blog posts that there are people who got offloaded on their flights. Luckily, I passed the IO smoothly, proceeded to the lounge and finally boarded an Air Asia plane for the first time. The 4hours flight for me was rather uncomfortable since I'm not used to it, only 2hours was the maximum time I traveled on a plane.

Malaysia, Truly Asia
Weeh! Malaysia, foreign land for the first time, the flight arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I went directly to the city proper by bus, took a monorail and dropped in Bukit Bintang station, I navigated to the streets and finally found the Rainforest Bed and Breakfast for my overnight accommodation. I unpack my things, and was very excited that time to see the Petronas Twin Tower up close. I strolled the street with the tower as my landmark compass and finally saw the towers, it was magnificent and I can't stop myself smiling when I saw it. One thing I also observed was the night time, compare in my hometown, the night time in Kuala Lumpur is later like its around 7pm when it became dark, same with my Singapore experience.

Day 4
March 2, since I have enough time left before my flight bound to Singapore, I decided to visit by foot the KL Tower and Chinatown, whew, I can't imagine how far did I navigate with this whole trip by foot. Of course, photo ops are not forgotten and by late afternoon, I've decided to went to KLIA for my flight. Boarded the plane and finally arrived at Changi International Airport late night. I purchased an EZ Link card used for payment in commuting around the city by bus or train. I went to Green Kiwi for my accommodation for the rest of my stay in Singapore.

Day 5
March 3, it was Saturday. Prior to my trip, I have already contacted a close friend of mine named Joy since she was in Singapore during that period. I asked a favor if we could meet and have me tour around the city, fortunately, she was free on that weekend. Facebook, came to be handy since that was the only communication we had because I haven't activated the roaming service of my sim. We decided to tour in Singapore Zoo since it will be our first time to visit the place. Another walking adventure around the zoo and a lot of first-time-to-see animals. By late afternoon, we traveled back to the city and went to Merlion Park to spend the rest of the day. Around 9pm, I went back to Green Kiwi and so did she went to her apartment.


Day 6
March 4, a Sabbath Day and the plan was to attend a church service. By God's guidance, I was able to navigate the church location alone since Joy and I have not met at the train station. After the meaningful service, we went to Singapore Botanic Gardens and had a tour, another walking adventure again for us. By late afternoon, we decided to went back to Marina Bay to meet two of my friends, a previous co-workmates in SOSS named Rommel and Ruel. Big thanks to them because they treated me for dinner and toured me around the Marina Bay complex. At late night, we decided to went back to our individual places, as for me, it's in Green Kiwi,


Day 7  
It was Monday, working day and it will be a solo trip for me to tour around the city and this is why I decided to schedule my visit to Sentosa Island on that day because it's less crowded. I took a train and dropped at Vivo City then proceeded to Sentosa Island through walking adventure for the nth time again. I have toured the whole island and by late afternoon went back to Marina Bay Sands for some photos ops, I have never been bored staying in Marina Bay during my travel.

Day 8
It's Tuesday and will be my last day in Singapore, before my flight, I have bought pasalubongs and key chains for my family and friends at the Little India district. I went to the Changi International Airport, toured around the beautiful airport and by late night, I boarded my flight bound to Kuala Lumpur where I spend the rest of the day since the next morning will be my flight back to Clark.

Day 9
The last day of the leg, I boarded the flight bound to Clark for another 4hours travel and finally reached Clark International Airport by noon. Then, I took the Philtranco bus bound to Pasay since I have to catch my flight bound to Davao. Arrived at the NAIA 3, I checked-in and finally boarded the flight.

After around 9 days of travel, 2 countries I've visited, places I've explore and new things I've experienced, finally glad to be back home safe and sound. Thanks to Joy who toured me around Singapore and to my former workmates Rommel and Ruel for the treat and tour. Thank God for keeping me safe and for guiding me the whole trip, indeed this is another adventure of my life that I will never forget and additional mileage I have covered for my passion in traveling.  Well, its not too late to pursue your dreams, start by planning it and working it step by step, slowly but surely, and time will come that your dreams will come true.

Thank you and God bless us all!  

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