Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello World!

Well, this is my first blog and just like every IT related students had encountered during their first programming lessons, "Hello World" was the first phrase introduced on displaying an output for the program. Thus, I used this to welcome myself to blogging community. :D

The main reason why I started to create a blog is to document most of my travel trips, maybe other subjects aside from travel matters will be posted. Just one thing, I'm not good on writing skills that includes organizing my thoughts and proper grammar, so expect a merry-go-round  article. Hehehe. But I'll try to develop any blogging skills in the future and I'm very open to blogging suggestions and critiques.

Also, just like every source code on programming ends with different codes like "return 0;", every blog of mine would be...

Thank you and God bless us all!


  1. relate talaga sa IT ang unang post ah! ajeje.. but the write up is good.. Ok naman ang grammar.. use void nalang para wala nang return type..ajeje..nice blog rey..where are the pics?

  2. wat picture lee?his prime pic?

  3. thanks sa comment guys... ako pang i-recall ako mga trips...
    pag sure van... akoa ning pix... you want evidence? ehehe... anyway, i-photo courtesy man tika kung imoha ang pix... :p

  4. Rey,,, nice one! been thinking of making up a travel blog but too lazy too start on it.. hehe,, can't put my thoughts altogether...hehe.. ay rey, dili gd mklaro kaau ang caption below sa main title nimo nga boy palaboy... tuyo ni mo? hapit wa nko mabasa... :D


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